Why satisfied customers bought Golden Ratio tables:

"Thank you so much for your kindess and understanding. I must commend the Golden Ratio Company, first of all, for having such personable employees and also for having such an incredible customer service program. I have always and will always be a loyal customer. I recommend your prodcuts to all my peers, not only beacuse the quality is excellent but because you all are just plain nice. Thanks so much again. Cheers!"
Hermene A.,

Golden Ratio


Portalite shown with patented QuickTouch™ ($95)
Side Arms ($40) and Footrest ($20)
The above options added brings this table to full size.

Choose This Table If...

    • You're on the go

    • You want a compact, easy to carry quick-open table

    • You travel by air

    • Your mode of therapy requires you to be close to the client

    • Low cost is a priority for you
Weighs only 26 pounds!

Fits comfortably in a small room. It's an easy traveler for air flights and outcalls.

Width: 25", Length: 69"
Weight: 26 lbs.
Adjustable maple legs 24"-34"
1/8" Baltic birch table top
4" Leg recess
Low end plates
Durable Double-wrap foam
Holes at both ends for accessories
Side Arm holes